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Aiwparty3 624x326 article

10-Year-Old Moves 'Alice in Wonderland' Birthday Party to Nursing Home to Include Granny

After Granny underwent spinal surgery, she was in recovery and was not unable to attend Ellie's birthday party.

Zachmyra 624x416 article

Soldier Returns from Afghanistan for Baby's Birth-Babble

Soldier returns from Afghanistan for baby's birth and makes it with just 30 minutes to spare.

Lonelymama article

Dear Lonely Mama: Keep Trying to Find Your Tribe | Babble

Trying to make friends when you’re a mama isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a lot like dating with all of the effort and disappointment as you try to find your tribe in a busy schedule.

5720e646160000e40031cd50 article

College Student Photographs What Women Were Wearing When ...

College Student Photographs What Women Were Wearing When They Were Sexually Assaulted

Thinkstockphotos 451984009 2rrr article

When Your Baby Comes Home From School Crying

We pick them up, dust them off, and send them back out there to fight another day. We have to. Because as fun as it is to think about, we can’t mow everyone down with a jet-powered garden hose.

Thinkstockphotos 480734014 article

Thank God for Grandparents

A grandparent’s patience is often steadfast and unwavering — even on the third day when the shock of our visit has worn off and the curtains come down on best behaviors.

Thinkstockphotos 482906563 article

A Thank You Letter to Labor and Delivery Nurses Everywhere

You go up and down the hallway in your tennis shoes over and over again, never really quite sure of the crazy situation you might find behind each door.

Thinkstockphotos 483906136 article

Sometimes Parenting Is Saying You're Sorry | Babble

I was instantly transported back to my childhood and suddenly remembered exactly what it felt like to automatically say “I’m sorry, it was an accident!” and truly, truly mean it.

Mission1 article

What Happened When I Took My Spoiled Kid to a Homeless Shelter ...

Now that I’m seeing signs of entitlement and “affluenza” if you will, I don’t want it to continue.

800x800 article

What Parents Should Know About Protecting Their Kids from Sexual Abuse

Advice from a mom who lived through it herself.