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Passionate about Parenting and Personal Finance. Full video shooting and editing capabilities.

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The Huffington Post

Why Everyone Should Have a Job They Hate

The jobs we hate are the job we hate because they don't use our strengths, and highlight our weaknesses.

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The Huffington Post

What My Sons Taught Me When I Taught Them Household Skills ...

I took the time to teach my sons how to help me around the house, and affectionately called it "The School Of Mom."

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The Huffington Post

Single Mom Writes Book For Men on How To Be a Good Dad in a Divorce

This is a book for dads on how to maintain their relationships with their kids in a divorce, written from the perspective of a loving single mother of seven. Yes, seven. And yes, loving.

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The Huffington Post

The Best Two Words My Husband Ever Said To Me

I was rattling off several options to my husband one night at the dinner table. He is supportive of anything I want to do, but he knew I was selling myself short. That I wouldn't be happy with a job "just to get me out of the house" for very...

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The Huffington Post

10 Redeeming Toddler Qualities

They have this magical ability to turn long, terrible days into small, precious moments that make us realize that all of this really is worth it all.

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The Huffington Post

How I Redeemed a Terrible School Morning | Audra Rogers

Just when you think you have everyone settled into a great morning routine, you get to think again.